An aspiring photographer who specialises in the Carriage Driving Disipline of Equine Sports.

"Growing up with our horses had a big influence on my interest into the horsey world. At home on the Isle of Wight, my parents founded the Wight Equine Driving Society, this meant that I spent a lot of time at driving events from a young age.
My biggest passion is Four-in-Hand Carriage Driving as my dad is a former backstep of World Champion Boyd Exell - dad was part of Team XL when Boyd won the Indoor World Championships in 2009. After watching dad travel around the world with the late Mary Matthews, Sarah Garnett and Team XL I was determined to get myself invovled in the circuit one day!
I'm now honoured to have been given the opportunities to attend big events on the Carriage Driving Calender.
A big thank you goes out to everyone for the support they've given me, especially to Team Exell, Hoefnet and British Pony Driving Team.

Photo courtesy of Rinaldo De Craen